FLOURISH BABY, flourish!


Magic happens in the soil when sunshine touches it. In the same way, I see having Summerhope house as a stewardship – to nurture precious seeds who cross paths with her. 

Whilst many incredible creatives will be hosting their own events and workshops within these walls, I will separately host curated workshops that I will be investing my heart into. I call them

These experiences in Summerhope house will be like sunshine. They will touch, empower, equip, grow and nurture the hearts of our guests so they will be encouraged to flourish and bear the fruits of fulfilled and meaningful lives.

Life is fleeting and it is precious. If we don't chase our best lives and our dreams now, then when? I have lived long enough to know that life is best lived with a heartfelt community, so I naturally desire for these experiences to be rich in genuine connections and community. You will not walk away with new skills alone but with enlightened hearts and new friends – perhaps your new forever besties who will cheer you on your journey! 


Have you ever felt completely overwhelmed, anxious or unprepared when friends, family, (mother-in-law!) or colleagues drop in at a moment’s notice? Wondering how to swiftly create a decadent, seamless experience for your guests? "The Art of Hosting" is a curated workshop delivered by Angela, a hosting superstar who will equip you with easy, gorgeous solutions to impress and bless, effortlessly and beautifully. Under her guidance, you will feel empowered to create happy memories with your guests - and this is a skill for life. Goodbye chaos, hello calm connection. 


Her heart is that time with her leaves you confident and blessed.

Angela is not only an accomplished wife and mother of four but an exceptional and versatile enterpreneur with a wealth of achievements ~ in particular, hospitality and culinary food experiences. Her creative flare stems from also being an artist and having a teaching background. She does everything with elegance and simple sophistication. 

Her passion for sharing what she has learned and conquered is made obvious by the way she abundantly opens up her well of knowledge to help equip and empower the guests that she so graciously and humbly hosts 

She leaves a lasting fragrance of love lingering long after her workshops or events have concluded. 

Time with her is fun, joyful and well spent

Simple and sophisticated 
Abundantly blessed 

We are delighted to spend a very relaxing 2.5 hours with you where you will learn how to create the most beautiful grazing boards with a focus on simple sophistication, elegance and style to bless your guests over the holiday season and beyond. 

Upon arrival, you will be greeted with a glass of Champagne in hand ready to settled into the most beautiful atmosphere and stunning setting that is Summerhope house!  The house is situated in a semi rural location, only 30 mins away from Sydney CBD.

You will be feasting your eyes and ears on simple demonstrations by Angela who will guide you in creating two very special charcuterie platters: 

She will share with you all the tips and techniques to help add your personal touch to your creations and also inspire you with some knowledge on how to be the best host. 

You’ll enjoy time creating your own simple charcuterie with all  equipment and produce provided. The sophisticated boards are a gift you can take home and share with your loved ones 

We will conclude by enjoying the abundant but elegant board with our limited number of six guests for an intimate gathering - we will take time to reflect, sit back and have fun, meaningful conversations.

However, this is not just a charcuterie making class, ladies. In "The Art of Hosting", we will go beyond delicious cheeseboards.  We will learn the importance of atmosphere and how to host your own events that feel inspiring and memorable.  The kind of events that will birth experiences that your guests will never forget.  These experiences will make their way into your heart as we laugh, learn, drink and feast together, share stories and make new friends.

Let's make memories.  Six seats.  Six very special women. Amelia and Angela await you.


Let us live like flowers,
wild and beautiful.
and drenched in the sun

- Ellen Evererett


Shall we?

the experience

2.5 hours of  time with Angela and Amelia
Friday 10th December, 10am at Summerhope House in Dural


Inspiring message about the art of hosting, hands on demonstration to lay out a simple but sophisticated table setup.  We are going to talk about music , decor and atmosphere!  We will then create 2 stylish charcuterie platters. One for you to bring home and one for us to enjoy afterwards as we dive more into the world of hosting!
Angela will show the practical secrets to leave a lasting impression to your guests - effortlessly.

your gift

A pretty board with your inspired creation, a surprise gift and a heart full of love and perhaps - a group of life long friends.  Priceless? I'd say so :)



We will give you access to the photographs taken on the day so you have precious memories to reminisce on.

inc. gst ((SOLD OUT))